Rural and Underserved Nurse Practitioner Grant Opportunity

The Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson and
Janseen, is pleased to introduce an innovative project to increase access to behavioral health
services in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming!

The Challenge

Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming have a shortage of professional behavioral health providers across all three states. Rural and underserved communities have the most problematic shortages. Family nurse practitioners, specifically, from earlier Colorado Center run programs have indicated that the majority of their patient populations have chronic illnesses exacerbated by unmanaged or undiagnosed behavioral health challenges and the communities in which they live do not have enough specialized behavioral health providers.

The Solution

The Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence developed this fellowship program to support nurse practitioners living in rural and underserved communities through the process of obtaining their certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP). This is a “Grow Your Own” model where the recipients are NPs who are already embedded in the rural and underserved communities where they plan remain to practice.

Program Details

Licensed nurse practitioners who are currently embedded in rural/underserved Colorado, Wyoming or New Mexico are eligible to apply for the fellowship. The fellowship provides:

● Financial stipend up to $18,500
● Flexibility to choose your school
● Monthly 1:1 academic and professional coaching
● Training related to telehealth, trauma-informed leadership, and integrated care models

Upon graduation, the PMHNP contractually agrees to practice in a rural / underserved setting for a minimum of two years for each year of funding received and once qualified, precept at least one student a year.


If you are interested, and are qualified, please complete the application


Call Meggin Lorino @ 505-750-4756